Comparing Volvo to Acura, Which is Your Perfect Fit in Memphis

When shopping for a luxury sedan or SUV, you want to have it all from the design, the features, and the power. Here at Volvo of Memphis, we proudly sell stunning Volvo models that present you with everything you've been dreaming of in a luxury car and more! Volvo is a unique brand with its ability to feature unique details, chic interiors, and reliable powertrains. Everything that goes into a Volvo model has been specifically designed to add to the overall aesthetic and your experience.

While we know there are several other luxury car brands to choose from, we find that Volvo gets you more where it matters most. Volvo is commonly compared to Acura. Acura is the luxury brand from Honda, offering SUVs and sedans as well. But what sets Volvo apart as a brand when compared to Acura?

Why Choose Volvo


Let's take a look at Volvo's and Acura's popular SUV models like the Volvo XC60 and Acura RDX. The rise in popularity to own a crossover SUV has skyrocketed over the past few years and Volvo has taken note, perfecting their models each year to be more powerful, reliable and stunning.

If you are looking for an SUV that is modern and sharp-looking than the Volvo models are the ones for you. Acura's SUVs feature a dated starburst grille that doesn't have the same kind of visual appeal as Volvo's elegant minimalist grille. Framing the grille are Volvo's famous "Thor's Hammer" headlights that are unlike any others on the market. These headlights showcase a bold statement, as well as provide exceptional visibility from Bartlett to Germantown TN.

If we step inside the interiors of the Volvo SUVs and the Acura models, there is another large difference. You'll notice immediately that Volvo's design is more pleasing both to the eye and to the body. The seats are specially made to offer you more comfort on long road trips. The layout is classy and exemplifies the best that Scandinavian design has to offer. There are classic lines, long air-vents, diamond-cut details and much more that will make you feel like you've spent your money in the right place. The interiors of the Acura SUVs are just-OK for a luxury vehicle but nothing to ride home about. If you are looking for a cabin that feels like an oasis, then the Volvo SUV lineup is just what you've been looking for.

You can visit your local Volvo dealer to explore SUVs like the Volvo XC40, XC60 and XC90.


If you are a Southaven MS driver looking for something athletic and agile, then a Volvo sedan is an appealing option. Volvo's engines are robust, efficient, and fun to drive in comparison to Acura. Volvo shines in the realm of performance. The Volvo S60 features a four-cylinder T5 engine that executes an impressive 250 horsepower, while the standard engine on an Acura TLX only pumps out 206 horsepower. The Volvo S60 also offers a plug-in option so you can save time and money at the gas pump!

Volvo also shines in safety features. All-new Volvo's come equipped with standard safety features like Pilot Assist with Adaptive Cruise Control, City Safety, and Run-Off Road Mitigation. For additional peace of mind, we hope you choose a Volvo.

We are calling all Collierville drivers looking for their next luxury car or SUV to visits Volvo of Memphis to see, in person, why Volvo is the better brand to Acura. From initial quality, overall style and powertrains, Volvo comes out on top.


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