Volvo Cars Memphis encourages drivers to check out our Volvo leasing options and consider a new Volvo lease for affordability and convenience. Leasing a Volvo in Memphis, TN offers peace of mind and convenience as you drive the new Volvo you like with some of the latest technology Volvo offers, for lower monthly payments. Many drivers prefer to lease, rather than own, as it prevents them from committing to a long-term loan agreement. Explore your best leasing options and our Volvo leasing promotions here at Volvo Cars Memphis at 7910 Trinity Road in Memphis, TN.

What Can Leasing Offer You?

People all throughout the country choose leasing a new Volvo for a variety of beneficial reasons, including:

  • Affordability: As lease contracts only last for a short time, you only pay a percentage of the vehicle's overall worth. Thus, your down payment and monthly payments will remain lower.
  • Warranty: During the lease contract, your Volvo remains covered under its factory-issued warranties, so should you require immediate repairs for factory defects, you may simply schedule an appointment with our Volvo service department in Memphis, TN.
  • Technology: Our best leasing plans cover new cars, and most of our new Volvo cars offer a plethora of outstanding technology like Automatic Cruise Control with Pro-Pilot Assist and the Sensus Navigation System, among many others.

What to Keep in Mind

Like with any other financing arrangement, leasing a Volvo comes with its drawbacks and caveats:

  • Mileage: Each Volvo contract sets caps on how many miles the vehicle can travel total. While our protection plans offer extended mileage coverage, if you tend to use your luxury car for frequent long-distance travel, you might not find leasing a Volvo in Memphis as appealing.
  • Credit: While each person has a different financial situation, a higher credit score represents a crucial aspect of securing approval for a leasing institution.
  • Start Leasing Today

    Volvo Cars Memphis invites you to keep these pros and cons in mind with your next Volvo lease agreement. When you wish to move forward, schedule a test drive and come see us here in Memphis, TN to start your next lease agreement. We hope to see you soon!